The Sensor Line Combo (SLC) Study

This study explores the performance of an  insulin pump infusion line with a combined  CGM sensor.

The SLC study is a seven day study of a
combined insulin cannula and glucose
sensor delivering Insulin in people
who live with Type 1 Diabetes

The SLC Study

The aim of this trial is to assess the usability and performance of a new device (SynerG™) to monitor blood glucose and deliver insulin. Participants will be required to attend 5 study visits over approximately 14 days.

This involves 1 x screening visit of 1 hour, 1 x education visit of 2-4 hours, and 3 x meal test visits of 6-7 hours each. Participants will be required to wear a commercially available insulin pump (Tandem t:slim X2 or Medtronic Minimed 780G) and a continuous blood glucose monitor (Dexcom G6) with the SynerG™ system during the study. Between study visits, participants are free to go about their day to day lives.

This trial is important as it helps us assess the performance of a new single device closed loop system, and it could be instrumental in making a reliable closed loop system available in Australia.

Become a participant!

Would you like to be a part of advancing care for diabetes?
We are looking for Individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes, aged between 18-75 to be a part of this trial.

If you are:

Living with Type 1 Diabetes
Aged Between 18 and 75
With HbA1c readings between 5.8% and 10%
Familiar with CGM and Insulin Pump technology
Then you may be perfect for this study!

Meet Kim Henshaw who is a participant in type 1 diabetes technology research at the DTRG. Watch Kim explain what it means to her to be participant in this important area of research.

Get involved

Please contact the Research Group Leader to discuss your options.