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MDHS Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs


MDHS Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs The DTRG were recognised in November 2020 by being awarded the University of Melbourne Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Services Research and Research Training Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs. This award recognises an academic and [...]

MDHS Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs2021-08-15T13:01:35+00:00

Peter Johnston


Peter Johnston Peter Johnston DTRG Participant Why did you participate in diabetes technology clinical research? It was a simple and practical way in which I could assist with diabetes research. It had increased importance to me because my granddaughter had been diagnosed at age 2 1/2 with type I diabetes [...]

Peter Johnston2020-12-10T00:27:56+00:00



André My name is André Cato and I have been a type 1 diabetic for 29 years. During most of these years, I worked as a journalist and digital media specialist in the world of Audio Technology but in 2020 I made a shift, taking a position with Melbourne Startup - [...]


The Australasian Diabetes Congress November 2020


 The Australasian Diabetes Congress November 2020  The Australian Diabetes Educators Association and Australian Diabetes Society combined to form the Australasian Diabetes Congress which was held from November 11-13th 2020 on a virtual platform for the first time. The ADC provided a full program that appealed to [...]

The Australasian Diabetes Congress November 20202020-12-14T06:03:15+00:00

Closed-Loop Research New Trial Results 


Closed-Loop Research New Trial Results  The Australian JDRF Closed-Loop Research Group led by Prof David O’Neal from the University of Melbourne drew together health care professionals, behavioural psychologists, research nurses, scientists and one hundred and twenty adults living with type 1 diabetes to conduct a 3-year [...]

Closed-Loop Research New Trial Results 2020-11-13T01:55:45+00:00



Alistair "When I initially decided to participate in the research projects, it was to provide some meaning and purpose to my life, by giving my time to help test the enhancements of innovative technologies.Working with the team on several studies, I have found my knowledge and skill of managing [...]




Phillip Hi, I’m Phillip. I’m 57 years old, married with two adult children and was diagnosed with T1D on Melbourne Cup Day, 1978 when I was 15. I remember the date clearly because I was about to start exams and mum thought that by going to the hospital on [...]




Cath I have had diabetes for 38 years . Why do I participate in research and clinical trials? Primarily, because I believe in science. It’s only through doing good science that we will get improvements in understanding the mechanisms of Type 1 Diabetes and the same approach is needed [...]




Leanne Leanne Foster is a social worker with over 30 years experience in government and healthcare fields. She currently works in management in public hospitals in Victoria where her own patient experience drives her to ensure patients are central in their care and treatment. Having lived with diabetes for [...]

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